LinkCom LAD Series are 3-10W low voltage (8-18VAC) constant current LED drivers compatible with existing magnetic transformers. Available in seven output current to meet your needs (130mA, 180mA, 260mA, 350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 700mA).They also dims with standard MLV Triac dimmers. 

LinkCom is planning to launch a compact-long size programmable LED driver in the third quarter of this year: INT-50W which delivers constant current LED power suppliers with 3-in-1 dimming control: 0~10V, PWM and resistor. This Series is divided into single output and dual output models. Dual-output model not only provides the dimming function but also is equipped with white and warm LED lights, which can be adjusted the color temperature, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color temperature according to user’s need.

LinkCom selects the BLE (Bluetooth network Energy) Mesh as the lighting solution which it’s closer and smoother to the users’ experience than others for today’s blue ocean of lighting system. We are one of a few suppliers which apply outdoor landscape lighting systems with BLE Mesh solution. We not only replace the lighting control with a wireless solution, but also offer many solutions for designers in outdoor lighting.

LinkCom is releasing TRIAC plus 0-10v dimmable LED Power Supply.

LinkCom ManufacturingCo., Ltd. has developed a seriesof dimmable LED driver, thevariety chooses of 5~13W serieswith TRIAC function since we engaged in the LED powersupply developments.It is available to combine with the TRIAC dimmer, also compatible with a 0~10V dimmer on the secondary side to achieve the dimming function, which allows a user to choose dimming functions more flexible.

LinkCom’s New INCORE 75-100W LED Power Supplies Targets Demanding Industrial Lighting

New LLC Series features auxiliary DC sensor output and dim-to-off linear dimming control; wide operating temperature and weatherproof (IP-67) package; five-year warranty

LinkCom Manufacturing announces its 75-100W LLC Series, the latest addition to the INCORE family of high-performance constant-current LED power supplies.