LinkCom has developed the energy saving solution along with the Bluetooth mesh topology wireless intelligent lighting control technology. It will save up to 85% of the electricity bills by combining smart light control, Human Centric Lighting, and energy saving products.

I am grateful to the “National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences” for giving LinkCom this opportunity to participate and promote the project of “Resupinate the rural education”.

Magnetic Division:

As a result of US-China trade war and shortage of labor in mainland China, LinkCom takes effort on increasing its own competitiveness.

In October, we held an overseas employee tour to Korea, the country with romantic atmosphere in this season.


The SBIR unit from the Government of the New Taipei City has officially notified that the SBIR project proposal was proposed by LinkCom Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (INCORE series; Bluetooth Mesh lighting control power supply system) has passed in this September.