LinkCom has developed the energy saving solution along with the Bluetooth mesh topology wireless intelligent lighting control technology. It will save up to 85% of the electricity bills by combining smart light control, Human Centric Lighting, and energy saving products.

Until the third quarter of this year, there are different specifications of BLE Mesh dimming boxes have been developed. It has fast connection speed, no delay in interaction, reliable and it is no need to paring up beforehand.

It is eligible for grouping up to 253 sets and multiple group names; including the setting for the partial or whole area.

With this 5-set of RGBCW light control unit. You can easily customize and control all the functions through the INCORE App via iOS or Android system on the smart devices, such as the light switches, the changes of colors, color temperature, brightness, scenes, and the timer. This will be the new technology that helps create a personized and comfy lighting environment to reality.

Considering consumer's habits of lighting control, LinkCom has also developed the BLE Mesh version of the Wall Switch and Remote Control for the children, elders, and people who are not familiar with APPs, so they can have a jump start on using and experiencing with LinkCom’s intelligent lighting system.