January 26, 2022

Low Profile 60A PFC Choke

LinkCom (6821.TW) low profile 60A PFC choke with 52.5mm long, 50mm wide, 52.5mm high.

Different from usual process, this product is wound automatically with flat wire, instead of round wire.

December 27, 2021

50kW Full Bridge DC to DC Transformer

Linkcom (6821) has launched a new 50kW full-bridge DC-to-DC transformer for automotive customers, with a body length of 235mm*width of 73mm*height of 94mm.

The new product is used in the electric vehicle charging system, and adopts a new design to replace the traditional enameled wire and retaining wall structure, effectively increasing the window area utilization rate, reducing the overall volume, and the new design structure helps the overall heat dissipation.

November 26, 2021

LinkCom joined “E Unique Show" by Kaohsiung Industry Development Association

Kaohsiung Industray Development Association was held “E's Unique Show-2021 Fifth Entrepreneurship and Succession Presentation Show”on November 24. The show were gathered with many Attendees from industry, government, academia, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and Taipei Exchange.

November 17, 2021

Flat panel transformer LPD Series

Linkcom (TPE 6821) launched new LPD series flat panel transformer. This is the first time in the industry to introduce a PCB assembly process in the PoE Power over Ethernet). In traditional PoE application s, 50W~100W power transformers generally use traditional EFD20~EFD25 iron cores and bobbin , which causes the transformer unit too large that run in the opposite with current product trend .

October 14, 2021

「2021 TIE台灣創新技術博覽會」聯寶電子智慧環境控制系統新登場

聯寶電子(LinkCom,6821)榮獲經濟部中小企業處邀請於10月14日至10月16日三天,在台北世貿一館參加亞洲最具指標性的創新發明盛會「2021台灣創新技術博覽會」( Taiwan Innotech Expo,TIE創博會),同時於10月14日至10月23日同步於線上展出,強化線上媒合功能,跨越時空限制,歡迎大家親臨或線上觀展,一起體驗聯寶電子創新科技的無限潛力。

October 12, 2021



August 17, 2021

Taiwan's epidemic has dropped to Level 2, staying in a hotel be careful of these things, there are many viruses.

The COVID-19 epidemic has Shock the hotel industry. Under the influence of the epidemic, epidemic prevention became hotels basic equipment and attitude. A few enterprise hav e also actively upgraded the epidemic prevention measures of belonging hotels.

August 5, 2021



August 3, 2021


新冠疫情警戒降至二級,社區感染風險不容輕忽,新北市仍屬疫情的重災區,持續為市民進行篩檢。愛心企業聯寶電子公司(LinkCom 6821)為防疫善盡企業社會責任,28日主動捐贈100萬元亞培PANBIO COVID-19抗原快篩試劑給新北市衛生局,攜手新北市府共同齊心抗疫,解決快篩進行的急迫所需,守護市民的健康。

July 29, 2021

Building a smart home without changing the decoration

If you want to use Xiaomi AI to switch the lights like Internet celebrities, can you only re-building?
When most users mention smart homes, their first impression is to redeco rate. It takes hundreds of thousands to pull a cord to have a convenient smart light control system. However, the INCORE system introduced by LinkCom (6821,TPE) is not only affordable and easy to operate, but more importantly, it is very simple to install.