January 26, 2022

Low Profile 60A PFC Choke

LinkCom (6821.TW) low profile 60A PFC choke with 52.5mm long, 50mm wide, 52.5mm high.

Different from usual process, this product is wound automatically with flat wire, instead of round wire.

December 27, 2021

50kW Full Bridge DC to DC Transformer

Linkcom (6821) has launched a new 50kW full-bridge DC-to-DC transformer for automotive customers, with a body length of 235mm*width of 73mm*height of 94mm.

The new product is used in the electric vehicle charging system, and adopts a new design to replace the traditional enameled wire and retaining wall structure, effectively increasing the window area utilization rate, reducing the overall volume, and the new design structure helps the overall heat dissipation.

November 17, 2021

Flat panel transformer LPD Series

Linkcom (TPE 6821) launched new LPD series flat panel transformer. This is the first time in the industry to introduce a PCB assembly process in the PoE Power over Ethernet). In traditional PoE application s, 50W~100W power transformers generally use traditional EFD20~EFD25 iron cores and bobbin , which causes the transformer unit too large that run in the opposite with current product trend .

April 21, 2021

High power PoE transformer

Power over Ethernet , or PoE , describes the technology that pass electric power along with data on twisted pair Ethernet cabling.

PoE technology enables to provide power to devices such as VoIP phone, a ccess Points , and IP cameras As the development of PoE technology, LinkCom and world’s leading IC manufacturers , Texas Instruments and Silicon Labs co develop higher power

applications to meet powered devices(PD) needs.

March 29, 2021

Common mode filter LTC0599 50 for Charging Pile application

In response to the trend in electric vehicle technology according to Cairn Energy Research global electric vehicle sales are expected to jump 36% in 2021 and break the 3 million vehicle mark for the first time However European countries are also expected to ban the sale of fuel cars by 2030 Advisors, while the International Energy Agency estimates that the global public charging pile is expected to have 10 20 million units in 2025 with a total charge volume of 70 124TWh .
November 18, 2020

EPD13.3 PoE transformer

Form factor EPD-13.3 is a low profile to reduce EMI. The advantage of EPD-13.3 is capable with EP-13. Height of EPD-13.3 is maximum 10mm which is lower than height of EP-13. At the same time, it can replace EFD-15 and reduce the use of PCB.

July 29, 2020

Coupling transformer of LTC0388-50 & LTC0389-50

The design was approved by Qualcomm PL16(QCA7005).The operating temperature is -40 ~+105 degree and the operation frequency band from 2Mhz to 30Mhz.
May 6, 2020

PoE power planar transformer

50W ACF PoE planar transformer (P/N: LPD0001-50) with size size 27mm*23mm*9.8mm, of application on PoE DC/DC active clamp forward switching power transformer. The application frequency is 300KHz, input voltage from 33V to 57V and the output 5V/10A.
November 1, 2018

Magnetics automatic production

Magnetic Division:

As a result of US-China trade war and shortage of labor in mainland China, LinkCom takes effort on increasing its own competitiveness.  LinkCom has been taking action on magnetic automatic production for a year, which will dramatically reduce from approximately 90 percent down to approximately 50 percent manual made production process.

August 8, 2017

LinkCom’s VDSL transformer is approved by Realtek.

LinkCom’s DSL transformers, LAL0581-60 and LAL0582-60, are approved by Taiwan semiconductor, Realtek, Application is on ADSL1/2/2+/VDSL2 (including 35B). It is approving from European telecommunication company.