Power Solutions

February 21, 2019

LinkCom is releasing TRIAC plus 0-10v dimmable LED power supply.

LinkCom ManufacturingCo., Ltd. has developed a seriesof dimmable LED driver, thevariety chooses of 5~13W serieswith TRIAC function since we engaged in the LED powersupply developments.It is available to combine with the TRIAC dimmer, also compatible with a 0~10V dimmer on the secondary side to achieve the dimming function, which allows a user to choose dimming functions more flexible.
January 16, 2017

The Three P’s of LED driver selection

Newman Chen, Product Manager

LinkCom USA, Inc.


Advances in technology has resulted in LEDs with exceptional lumen output and years of reliable operation. All LED lighting systems – regardless of the size and complexity of the luminaire design – have one basic element in common: a DC power source. In fact, in many cases, the “weak link” in an LED luminaire design is the driver. Ultimately, selection of LED drivers built with higher quality components and conservative design leads to longer life and better warranty.

January 5, 2015

LinkCom launches family of 100W 1-10V dimmable constant current LED drivers

LinkCom have launched 100W 1-10V dimmable constant current line of driver in June. The series of drivers can be used in many kinds of lighting fixtures, such as downlight and base light. The driver specifications (THD< 20%, PF >0.90, and operating ambient temperature is between -20℃~+50 ℃) are superior to the other similar products.

August 26, 2014

LinkCom will launch 200W 0-10V dimmable constant current new driver during 3rd quarter

Our latest 200W 0-10V constant current series dimmable driver will officially launch during 3rd quarter, technically wide AC input range 90~305V suitable for global voltage range, THD< 20%, PF>0.95, ambient temp between -30~+70 ,as for storage temp is -40~+80 superior than other brands, we provide 3 years warranty, DC ranges include 12/24/36/42/48V widely cover outdoor lighting for different kinds of applications, please contact our sales department for further detail specifications you need.