Wireless Lighting Control Solutions

August 17, 2021

Taiwan's epidemic has dropped to Level 2, staying in a hotel be careful of these things, there are many viruses.

The COVID-19 epidemic has Shock the hotel industry. Under the influence of the epidemic, epidemic prevention became hotels basic equipment and attitude. A few enterprise hav e also actively upgraded the epidemic prevention measures of belonging hotels.

July 29, 2021

Building a smart home without changing the decoration

If you want to use Xiaomi AI to switch the lights like Internet celebrities, can you only re-building?
When most users mention smart homes, their first impression is to redeco rate. It takes hundreds of thousands to pull a cord to have a convenient smart light control system. However, the INCORE system introduced by LinkCom (6821,TPE) is not only affordable and easy to operate, but more importantly, it is very simple to install.

July 14, 2021

Bluetooth mesh module (D02/D18)

聯寶電子(LinkCom 6821) launched a new Bluetooth mesh module (D02/D18), which passed the FCC PART 15C electromagnetic radiation specification of the US Federal Communications Commission and the NCC electromagnetic radiation specification of the National Communications Commission of Taiwan.

It is a Bluetooth mesh module designed for LED smart lighting control.The module (D02/D18) can control LED in full color range , and supports APP (Incore 2), offline voice assistant, wall switch, wireless remote control, PIR sensor and other accessories. To build a completed smart home/commercial lighting control solution, which is widely used by distribution partners and users.

March 12, 2021


Wireless Lighting Control Solutions

BLE Controller Series

November 30, 2020

Tunable White LED Driver INT-50W SERIES

INT-50W series
March 9, 2020

40W dual dimmable LED power supply

TRI-40W Series is a compact size dual dimmable LED driver for applications 
such as downlight, ceiling mount, wall sconce and track light. Wattage output
covers from 30W to 40W and it is designed to supports both Triac/ELV and
0-10V dimming controls and can be directly fit in standard 4” junction box
for easy installation.
December 24, 2019

Music features introduction of IoT lighting system

Once you got the basics of smart lighting—turning your lights on and off or switching colors through BLE mesh wireless lighting system, you'll want to get more than that. We are here to show you how to get your lights decode the voice from music into light effects that fill the room with INCORE app.

October 25, 2019

Data backup and network sharing of IoT lighting network

After setting up IoT system with our app by construction team, how to share IoT lighting data with family host? Therefore, INCORE will offer the solution to you.

The contents of APP setting consist of Zones, Devices, Scenes and Schedules features. We can make it as a file and share IoT lighting network data with Wireless LAN or Email. By APP reading way, those data will be imported to APP which provide the solution share the same IoT lighting network. With IoT lighting data backup and network share support, it will be more convenient with construction team and family host and easy to share IoT lighting network as well.

LinkCom not only redefines lighting, but also develops many useful technologies from human-centric need. We will try our best to develop IoT products and step towards the goal of innovative and diversified high-tech company in the near future.


August 28, 2019

LAD series: low voltage driver for LED landscape lighting

LinkCom LAD Series are 3-10W low voltage (8-18VAC) constant current LED drivers compatible with existing magnetic transformers. Available in seven output current to meet your needs (130mA, 180mA, 260mA, 350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 700mA).They also dims with standard MLV Triac dimmers. 

The size of LAD series are small enough to fit in most types of Low Voltage Landscape fixtures. Additional services including SPT-1W 18AWG cable assembly and potting in plastic case for use in wet environment are available upon request.



  • 8-18VAC Low Voltage Input
  • MLV Triac Dimmable
  • Protection: SCP/OCP
  • Compact Size: 0.95” x 0.88” x 0.47” (24.1 x 22.3 x 11.9mm)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -20ºC ~ +60ºC


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July 23, 2019

LinkCom is releasing programmable LED power supply.

LinkCom is planning to launch a compact-long size programmable LED driver in the third quarter of this year: INT-50W which delivers constant current LED power suppliers with 3-in-1 dimming control: 0~10V, PWM and resistor. This Series is divided into single output and dual output models. Dual-output model not only provides the dimming function but also is equipped with white and warm LED lights, which can be adjusted the color temperature, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color temperature according to user’s need.